Hansen Audio Design


Hansen Audio represents the accumulation of lifetimes of audio wisdom. Every single aspect of loudspeaker design was addressed from the prospective of building the "very best", while using all the latest scientific developments. Hansen Audio engineers, designs, and manufactures all their products in Canada.


Hansen Audio began with the cone material for the woofers and mid band drivers. These cones are manufactured from many esoteric materials that make up to three different distinct layers, each of which has a different composition. The result of which is the best Sound Wave Deformation Prevention that exist in driver technology today. The technology incorporated in these cones result in an inert composite sandwich material with no sonic signature and therefore completely neutral sound. We then attach the inert cone with proprietary precision-made real rubber surrounds to the specialized Hansen frames. With the cones perfectly suspended, we attach our amazing powerful motor assembly, ensuring the fastest attack time and the quickest recovery time and most accurate tracking possible.

Having engineered, designed and built in house each driver to suit each application, we can now match each driver to the 25mm high performance tweeter that has been precision-made for us. We do not have the problems that comes from using "off the shelf" or even "modified" drivers that do not match perfectly. We do not have to use the crossover to "fix" things. The crossover only has to simply allocate frequencies. Each driver is easily capable of operating more than two octaves beyond its crossover points, both high and low! Therefore the High Grade Component Crossover is a first order device. This is the most desirable type of all crossovers, but rarely used by manufactures because of the strain that is placed on the drivers. Hansen Audio drivers however are easily capable of handling this requirement. All of the Hansen Audio crossovers use only Silver solder and only point-to-point hand soldering, which ensures the highest performance.

Every single aspect of each driver and each crossover reflects all the latest scientific developments and is painstakingly engineered to be the best. All of which enables us to preserve the sound to be as pure as possible.

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