The Audiophiliac gets down with the Hansen Audio
THE PRINCE V2 speaker - (Photo Credit: Wes Bender)

The Top 10 Greatest Speakers
Hansen Audio THE PRINCE V2

“I've been an audiophile for over 30 years, and from where I stand there's never been a more exciting crop of high-end speakers to choose from. The goal--to make as lifelike a sounding speaker as possible--is exceedingly difficult, but that hasn't stopped a slew of very talented designers from trying.”

Hansen Audio THE PRINCE V2.
“This speaker's handsome curves and strong physical presence demands respect -- it all but shouts "this is very serious audiophilia" -- it's made for those rare souls who would appreciate a world-class speaker small enough to fit in an apartment, with floors strong enough to support the 540-pound weight of a pair of these beauties. For my money it's better than Wilson Audio's highly regarded Watt/Puppy speaker.”