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CES 2012

Hansen Audio - THE PRINCE E
"Best Sound"

THE PRINCE E CES 2012"I want to tip my hat to Lars Hansen, who just knocked me out with the introduction of, not one, but TWO products at this years CES show, THE PRINCE E and THE EMPEROR E loudspeakers. Introducing any product at one of these shows is hard enough, yet this year, he introduced two-and both of them landed on my short list of the best... That is a feat worth noting..."

"The world debut of the Hansen THE PRINCE E Loudspeaker.
This year saw the world debut of Lars Hansen's THE PRINCE E the second of the Hansen "E" series of products to make its premier showing at CES. While THE PRINCE E and THE EMPEROR E share the same tweeters, THE PRINCE E uses essentially one-half the rest of the driver complement of THE EMPEROR E on display. elsewhere. Let me assure you; half the speaker this was NOT.

The system delivered sounds that were very smooth and balanced. This system's strengths were voicing, resolve, and coherence. The system was overwhelming with its ability to render tonal color and texture, and at maintaining timbral purity, the exquisite laying of instrumentation, and its overall articulation and focus."

Greg Weaver
Senior Editor
Positive Feedback