All of the magical technology in the amazing Hansen Audio THE GRAND MASTER, has now been fully incorporated into the new KING E 2!

THE KING has indeed been (E)NLIGHTENED.

Exquisite in form and sound. Authoritative, powerful and delicate when called upon, THE KING E 2 was created with perfect balance and harmony.  It is a benchmark reference speaker that others are judged by.

THE KING E 2 is a six driver, 3-way floor standing speaker using Hansen Audio's proprietary hand assembled drivers.  The two woofers and dual mid-band drivers are engineered, designed and manufactured by Hansen Audio to match perfectly with the two High Precision tweeters made for Hansen Audio.  These drivers all use the exotic multi-layer composite sandwich cones mated to the powerful Hansen optimized geometry motor assembly.  All Hansen Audio drivers incorporate Sound Wave Deformation Prevention technology.  The elegant enclosure utilizes the Hansen Audio engineered Hansen Matrix 2 material, finished in the Hansen Audio Class "A" finish. The enclosure incorporates Hansen's Sound Wave Diffraction Distortion Elimination technology.

All Hansen Audio speakers are meticulously hand-built in Canada, incorporating Hansen Audio designed and built drivers.  This marriage of advanced scientific research, dedication to a philosophy of uncompromising quality, purity of sound and gracefully elegant enclosures are at the heart and soul of Hansen Audio loudspeakers.  THE KING E 2 is designed sonically and visually, to last, and be enjoyed for many generations to come.