Reprinted from the prodigious "THE AUDIOPHILE VOICE" magazine, Volume 10, Issue 6.
The article called "Arnie's Army At The Alexis Park"

"Hansen Audio, a Canadian company new to me, introduced a number of speakers with their flagship "The King" at the helm.  The pride and joy of Lars Hansen, featuring an enclosure made entirely of their proprietary " Hansen Composite Matrix", and with all drivers engineered, designed and manufactured by Hansen Audio, "The King" is a very serious speaker product. The price is also serious.  The enclosure is beautifully sculpted, stands 63 inches tall, has a foot print of 19 inches wide and 20.5 inches deep, and weighs 350 pounds per side. "The King" uses a couple of 182 mm mid band drivers and a 25 mm tweeter to form a D'Appolito array that is augmented by a couple of 269 mm (10.5 inches) woofers for the bass. The sound at the Hansen Audio display was exceptional. With a complete blend between the drivers and a manifest lack of enclosure coloration, the Hansen Audio room featured majestic sound.  The pulsating and throbbing bass reached way down in a dramatic manner. The overall performance was fast, effortless, and focused, making for a remarkably non-fatiguing presentation regardless of the listening level and the degree of difficulty called for by the source material."

Arnis Balgalvis - Executive Editor, The Audiophile Voice