A Magical Listening Experience

  THE GRAND MASTER 2 is a 10 driver, 3 way, floor standing speaker using Hansen Audio's proprietary hand assembled drivers. The four Woofers and the four Mid Band drivers are engineered, designed and manufactured by Hansen Audio to match perfectly the two High Precision Tweeters. All Hansen Audio manufactured drivers use exotic Multi-Layer Composite Sandwich cones, resulting in the best Sound Wave Deformation Prevention in driver technology today. The inert composite sandwich material has no sonic signature and therefore is completely neutral in sound. The finished driver, utilizing our amazing powerful motor assembly, has the fastest attack time, the quickest recovery time and most accurate tracking possible.

The Hansen Audio Enclosure - A New Standard

Having designed and engineered the finest drivers and crossovers available, the task of designing the perfect enclosure begins. The traditional "panel construction" enclosure had to be abandoned. The result had to be a free flowing organic design to prevent any diffraction distortion. To accomplish this, the graceful enclosure incorporates the exclusive Hansen Audio Sound Wave Diffraction Distortion Elimination technology. The enclosures had to be "Dispersion Coherent". The finished speaker had to be "Phase Coherent" both acoustically and electrically. The material had to be harder, stronger and more durable than conventional wood products. Most important, the material had to be inert, unlike all conventional wood products. The Hansen Matrix 2 material, with a final layer of material known as the Cloaking Device, is the result of this long and extensive research. The Hansen Matrix 2 material meets all of the desired sonic parameters. A New Standard had been set. THE GRAND MASTER 2 in its final stage is hand completed by artisans in the beautiful Hansen Audio Luxury Leather (animal free) finish.