Brent Rainwater - CES 2007 Show Report


Hansen Audio 
January 2007


"To bow down, bring gifts...would not be enough...I heard no flaws."

"The Hansen room must be mentioned. The company was showing THE EMPEROR. To bow down, bring gifts and sacrifice goats would not be enough for this reference design. I heard no flaws. It was in tremendous control of what its offerings bestowed upon all who entered its sonic domain. Enough talk of sonic invisibility, I want a speaker that sells me on its virtues. Holisonic, coherent, with no trace of crossover, the EMPEROR effortlessly unleashed a dynamic spectrum that you felt in your sonic soul. It was impossible not to close your eyes when listening. It was like having Joel Robuchons 16 course menu degustation. Your other senses are shut down to facilitate the sensual magic of the moment. Hansen is a company to keep an eye on."


Brent Rainwater